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How To Attract A Higher Level Client Through Your Messaging & Marketing. 

June 20-21, 2019. San Diego, CA. 

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The High-Level Client Attraction Workshop


There is a huge cost that a lot of marketers don’t talk about in business.

It’s a sneaky, hidden cost that can completely SUCK up your profits, your energy, and your momentum.


For real.


I’ve unfortunately learned this the hard way. You may have too.


The technical term is: COWWSC.  


It stands for the Cost Of Working With Sucky Clients. (Okay I totally made that up!)


But you know what I’m talking about.


The clients that take double or triple the amount of time as your regular clients do, they ask for custom everything, and they always seem to be the main topic of your team meetings because they are so incredibly challenging.


The COWWSC is literally a parasite that can eat away at your business.


They are sneaky because on the top line it may seem okay… you're making sales… but if you really take a look at the numbers….


The extra time it takes, the extra mental energy, the extra support you gotta provide your team….


By the time it’s all said and done you can end up actually paying for them to be your client if you’re not careful.


There’s a solution though.


There are clear warning signs of these soul-sucking clients that you can avoid all together.


And there’s a way to repel them through your marketing message.  


In our upcoming High-Level Client Attraction Workshop, I’m going to work with a handful of clients in person to create their marketing message that attracts the higher level client and repels the soul-sucking clients.  


After being in the trenches writing for some of the biggest influencers & 6-7 figure marketing campaigns like Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, Eben Pagan, Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach, and many others… I know the patterns of marketing that work.


First… You gotta get really clear of WHO that higher end client is you want to attract.


Before you can know what to say and what kind of marketing to create... you need to know exactly who you want as a client.


What are their main characteristics?


What shared values do you have?


What are the biggest challenges they face when it comes to the area you help them with?


What do they respond to?


What are they repelled by?


And many other super important questions you must answer.


Most businesses just look around at who the others in their space are targeting and they go for that person. As a result everyone starts saying the same stuff and it becomes bland and saturated and you don’t stand out.


Second, you gotta know how to communicate to them.


If you want to attract in a higher level client… you gotta start having a higher level conversation… BUT you can’t talk over them either.


There is a sweet spot of knowing what to say and how to say it in order to attract them in.


For example, I was helping a new client update their messaging recently to attract a higher level client.  They wanted to attract the business owner who is really committed to investing in themselves and their business and to actually doing the work.


But when I did a quick audit of the messaging there was stuff everywhere like, “How To Build A Business... Even If You’re Tight On Money And Still Working A 9-5” and “A Simple Way To Launch Your Product On A Budget.”


I was like uhhh... no wonder you’re attracting the person that’s half in and half out... that's exactly what you’re asking for.


It’s important to understand in marketing and messaging that you get what you ask for... AND you get who YOU’RE showing up as.


In the workshop I’m going to help you dial in exactly how to speak to that client you want to work with so you can attract them in consistently and predictably…… whether it’s online or offline.


Third, it’s all about Education-Based Marketing.


Education-Based Marketing is simply content that will help the higher level client make a confident buying decision by helping them in advance.


Most business owners get this all wrong.


They create content for content’s sake. Photos of their breakfast.  Random ideas here and there.


The KEY is to create the RIGHT education-based marketing content that ATTRACTS the HIGH-LEVEL CLIENT who's ready to take ACTION NOW.


And there’s a clear system to do this.


But you gotta communicate with them in a very specific way. You need to know how to enter the conversation that's going on in their mind.


And that's exactly what we're going to help you uncover and implement in the High-Level Client Attraction Workshop.


We have a limited amount of spots for the workshop for the right type of business owner where we’ll help you create high-level client attraction marketing content so your ideal clients and prospects know right away that they want to do business with you.


More about this in a moment :-)


How great would it feel to have a calendar full of sales calls with higher level clients who are a Level 10 committed to getting a solution and are your ideal clients?


So you can....

  • Work with people you love.

  • Remove the cost of working with clients that aren’t totally aligned.

  • Charge what you know you're really worth and have people say "hell yes!”

It’s a hands-on workshop.


But, this is definitely NOT for everyone.


It’s only for the business owner who has a business that is up and running already.  You are already selling stuff and you get results for your clients.


So if you have an existing business and sales process… this workshop can most definitely help you create marketing & messaging that attracts in the Higher Level Client.


We only have 20 spots total so that everyone gets hands-on help, and it’s super important that we only bring in the right people that we know we can really help get results.


So I’m not going to make you pay a dime until you and I are both 100% certain this is the best move for you and your business right now.  


And there’s no way either one of us can really know that unless we talk and get to know each other.


So if you’re interested, let's set up a time to talk ASAP.


We'll answer any questions you have, and we'll ask you a few as well.


And if we all decide we’re a good fit, then we can move forward.


And if we don’t, that’s fine. If you’re happy, we're happy. It really is that simple.


So with that said, fill out your info below, and we’ll schedule a time to talk ASAP.


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The Details

The workshop is 2 days in San Diego, CA, June 20-21st, 2019.


If you get accepted, it is $3,000 to attend, which covers the workshop and breakfast and lunch both days.



(Once we make sure you’re qualified, we will send you the details to claim your spot).


So with that said, fill out your info and we’ll let you know if you qualify... if you do, we’ll schedule a time to talk ASAP.

Jennifer R. Hudye

Founder of Conscious Copy & Co.